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Main Features of the Procedure

During the year our face meets aggressive sunshine, freezing winter air, dust, which stays and pollutes pores. This all makes derma look exhausted and shineless. Regular skin cleansing can solve this problem keeping our face cover smooth and healthy looking. TCA chemical peel includes special acid, which is widely used in cosmetology. It penetrates and influences the deep layer inside our derma. So, as the result, you will have not only removed dead skin cells, but also toned face for long. The procedure is useful to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and age spots.

Such type of face cleansing is not appropriate to perform at home because of its dangerousness. For example, peeling with salicylic acid is more safe, but provides less deep effect. But you can get it from professional estheticians with medical grade or plastic surgeons. They will help you achieve better result without fatal skin burns and traumas.

How does it work

Chemical TCA PeelTrichloroacetic acid (TCA) helps to reduce such symptoms of aging as wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. To make the result even better the main ingredient is mixed with other chemical elements and natural acids. Because the procedure is kind of aggressive, added components soften its influence on the skin and help to rejuvenate it quicker.

The depth of the peel is predetermined by its level. In Anna Esthetics you can get three types of skin peels including trichloroacetic acid:

  • superficial for face;
  • medium for body, except sensitive face cover;
  • deeper peel for complicated areas.

The process itself means a kind of undercontrolled chemical burns. They provide deep peeling and exfoliation of extra fat and pore blocking dust. The stage and depth of such skin care depends on percent of main acid in the mixture. For superficial peel it contains 15% TCA. This amount doesn’t cause pain, but you will feel tickling and soothing. Medium type (20%) is appropriate for body care, furthermore it is comparatively painful and unpleasant. The last deeper one is the most concentrated (40%), so it is used on small areas in few touches.

How Do We Perform It

To make the process less harmful we perform it in few steps. They include cleansing with special gels or foams, which remove makeup, dust and other pollution from skin. When the face cover is completely prepared we apply the main mixture with TCA in 1-4 layers depending on the depth of penetration. You will feel some tickling and pruritus, which means that peeling works properly. To decrease such unpleasant feelings during the process we use cooling equipment. In the end, on the skin will appear white spots of coagulated epidermis – frost-effect. After the mixture is removed from the face the esthetician will pour professional nourishing and calming cream for harmed areas.

Remember to consult with the specialist before the peeling, Chemical acids are aggressive, you should discover if you have any stop-factors for this. You definitely have to get another kind of peeling if you have:

  • allergy;
  • irritations or traumas on the treated area;
  • pregnancy or lactic period;
  • dermal illnesses or cancer;
  • fungal infections.

What Should You Do Before and After the Peel

Before the visit to the esthetician it is important to prepare skin in an appropriate way. First of all, avoiding straight daylight because sun damage on your derma is one of the biggest contras for peeling. So, you should apply special remedies and creams, which decrease sun influence. Secondly, it will be useful to strengthen small veins from the underlayer because the peeling provokes fasten blood circulation. For example, take some pills, firstly consulting with the doctor.

Beside that, you should avoid products with vitamin A or retinol. Also, you shouldn’t scrub face or epilate the body before the visit – it causes small damages, which will be increased after TCA.

For post-peel treatment you should avoid sunlight, because your damaged skin after the procedure is too sensitive. It may cause irritations and redness, so the everyday care must be tender. Use moisturising creams and gels which contain nourishing microelements.

If you want to get the desirable youthful appearance and perfect skin tone – get TCA peel in Tampa and stay beautiful and healthy!

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