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All that you need to know about Waxing! General FAQ, Pre and Post Treatment Q&A, Waxing Tips.

What is waxing itself?

It is a procedure of hair removal using different kinds of natural wax. This is one of the most common way to get rid of undesirable body hair. This is quite fast and affordable method with minimal side effects as ingrown hair or irritations. Heated wax is spread on the treated area. After this with the use of cloth or paper bandage it is removed in a quick pace against the way of hair growth.

Which wax type is used?

At Anna Esthetics we use several kinds of wax for different body zones. They are hard (hot) and soft (warm) wax. You can always ask your esthetician about the consist of mixture to prevent allergy reactions after the procedure.

What is the difference between hard and soft wax?

Soft wax isn’t as hot as hard one, so it looks more like paste, not the peace of plastic. The main difference is in the way of usage. Hard wax is usually applied for small or delicate areas. It causes anesthetic effect because of temperature. So, the skin is warmed up and hair roots aren’t held inside derma as strongly as usual. The soft type is easier to remove and better for wide zones such as legs and arms. 

What about the Ouch-factor?

Yes, It isn’t a very pleasant procedure but each client has his own pain threshold. Somebody will experience tickling sensation but another one – more unpleasant feelings. Everything depends on the specialist and his professionalism. Our estheticians have the huge experience for all kinds of depelation, including waxing. So, they perform it quickly but delicately. You won’t face the horrible and stinging pain. The most aching feeling is caused by your fear before the procedure. After several sessions hair becomes weaker and the process of waxing won’t be as painful as during your first visit. 

What is an appropriate hair length for waxing?

To perform waxing properly your hair should be at least ¼ inch long. It is an appropriate length, because the shorter ones won’t be caught by the mixture. So, the skin won’t be clean enough from undesirable hair and it will be necessary to perform waxing again after the small amount of time. This is too unwanted because of the extra skin traumatism. But after first three-four appointments, when your body will completely get used to waxing, it will become normal to perform the procedure on shorter hair. 

If your length now is bigger than 1/3 inch, than it is more appropriate if you shave the area and book your visit in a few weeks later.

How long does the visit last?

It depends on the size of treated zone, amount and thickness of hair. Also the visits of regular customers last not as long, because of the hair state. Usually it takes about 20-30 minutes for deep bikini depilation, 20 min for legs and 10-15 for hands. Sometimes the process can last longer if it is needed to clean treated zone with tweezers after wax.

How many appointments should I have during a month?

It would be enough to make a visit to your esthetician for waxing once a month. Your hair will grow in a smaller amount if you get the procedure regularly. Furthermore, it becomes weaker, so you won’t need to perform waxing more often. Normally, the effect stays for 3-4 weeks, but after the regular session of appointments this period will become bigger.

What is the age limit for waxing?

There is no strict age limits. But if you are under 18, it is necessary to bring the paper permission from parents. It would be also good if your mum will book a date for you herself.

May somebody stay with me during the procedure?

Yes, it is possible for our teenage clients, where we need a permission from parents. But for adults it isn’t appropriate to bring someone to the treatment room . Only the clients and their waxologists are allowed to stay during the procedure. This helps you to relax and make the whole process in less tension. Furthermore, waxing doesn’t last too long, so your escort may stay in a waiting room for visitors.

What happens with the hair state after wax? Does it become darker or thicker?

No, it is absolutely a myth! If you perform waxing regularly and don’t use other methods of hair removal between visits, you will get the opposite result. Hair of the treated zone will grow weaker and lighter. Sometimes, even in smaller amounts!

Does the price depend on the hair amount?

No. You pay for a whole procedure, which price is set by the administration of Anna Esthetics. It doesn’t depend on the condition or hair amount. Waxing prices.

Which to choose: bikini/modified/brazilian?

There are three different ways of bikini hair removal. Basic bikini means that the cosmetologist will wax visible area up the panty line and the inner side of thighs. Modified one provides that the small hair line will be left in front. Full brazilian is a deep bikini depilation, which includes even backside waxing. Which to choose is up to you and the decision depends only on your desires. 

Is waxing normal for pregnant women?

Yes, it is. Wax doesn’t cause any harm to the future mother and her baby. But remember that sometimes during pregnancy women become more sensitive and irritated. So, some painful feelings may be more unpleasant. Don’t forget to consult with the esthetician before the visit, especially if you take any specific medications for normal pregnancy.

What should I do to prepare the skin?

Avoid using heavy oily lotions, it will make your skin greasy and low the effectiveness of wax. But don’t forget to keep your epidermis moisturized enough and clean treated area thoroughly. We advise to exfoliate in several days before waxing. We also recommend to do any mole removal prior the appointment, this to avoid complications when pulling off the wax.

Which type of clothes will be the most appropriate and comfortable?

Don’t wear tight clothes, which can irritate the treated zone. The best variant would be long comfortable everyday dress. It can protect waxed areas from straight sun rays and doesn’t cling to the body. Good choice for an underwear – natural cotton and loose panties.

What if I take a bath/shower right before the procedure?

It will soften the hair body. This can influence the effectiveness of waxing (hair won’t be teared out with roots, it may break in the middle). Nevertheless, treated area should be clean.

Is it normal to tan before?

No. It would be better for you not to expose naked body (especially, that zone, which will be treated) under straight sun rays. Tanning itself means burns and skin irritation. The procedure will become more harmful and unpleasant. It is normal to avoid tanning for 48 hours before and after waxing. Also, if you get serious sunburn on the treating area, don’t schedule or cancel the visit until healing is finished.

Is there something I should or shouldn’t  take prior?

Please, avoid caffeine, because it can affect your sensibility. If you are afraid about the pain threshold, take one pill of Ibuprofen 30 min prior the visit.

Is it appropriate to get waxing if I take renova/accutane/retin A?

Not really. These remedies affect the exfoliating rate of your skin. So, there is a big risk to remove hair with it. Don’t forget to tell the esthetician, if you take any pills.

Do any medications affect my sensibility during the procedure?

Yes, there are lots of remedies which can affect skin sensibility badly. So, try not to take/apply pills or outer creams, which contain vitamin A, glycolic, lactic, salicilic, benzyl and some other acids. Also, hormonal, chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics may influence the state of skin. Please, consult with the waxist before an appointment.

May I get the treatment during my period?

Yes, but it can be more painful than usually. If you have high sensitivity and irritability, it will be more appropriate to schedule the visit not earlier than 3 days after the start of cycle. Also you should avoid waxing in 3 days before the menstruation.

Will I get any numbing remedy before the start?

No, your skin should be relaxed and normally moisturised. Numbing cream can decrease the effectiveness of waxing. Our specialists always perform the procedure carefully, listening to the clients’ wishes. If it is too hurtful for you, we will make a pause. 

How to take care of waxed area properly?

You can start exfoliating after 2 days  post-wax. Don’t forget to moist the skin and clean it. It is important to avoid anything, which may cause irritations to your tender unprotected outer layer of epidermis. Sun rays are really unwanted for the bare skin, so apply some cream with SPF 30 or higher every time you come out.

Will the irritation or redness appear?

Yes, this is possible for first few days. Of course, everything depends on the skin condition and its sensibility. Those, who are new to wax, can expect more redness than clients, who get the procedure regularly. All unpleasant feelings will go away quickly in a day or two.

How long should I avoid sexual contacts after wax?

Two days will be enough. While your skin is tender and unprotected it is too sensitive to all kinds of bacteria. Your opened pores can get an infection easier and cause undesirable aftermaths. Your perfect brazilian wax won’t change in 48 hours, so don’t hurry!

Can I shave or trim between wax sessions?

Definitely, no! Waxing itself helps to reduce hair amount and pause it growth. Regular sessions allows you to perform the procedure rarely, because hair structure becomes thinner and weaker. This effect depends on controlling the natural individual cycle of hair growth. Trimming or shaving break the sequence of waxing and influence this cycle. As the result, you will get thicker and darker hair with increasing of its amount.

How can I solve the problem of ingrown hair?

Please, don’t try to remove ingrown hair on your own by tweezers or hands. This may irritate tender skin and cause redness or small pimples. The best way is to exfoliate regularly and thoroughly using special scrubs or other remedies for the sensitive skin.

Is it possible to tan after?

Yes, you can go tanning, but not earlier than several days after the appointment. While your skin is harmed and slightly irritated by wax, you should stay out of sun rays. They can burn you, because now the epidermis is not protected enough.

What about a hot bath?

Too hot water procedures like sauna or bath affect harmed by wax skin badly. Instead of relax you may get irritations or even burns. Remember that waxing increase the sensibility of treated area for 48 hours. So, have a warm, but not hot, shower before going to bed just to support daily hygiene.

Can I workout as usual in first few days after my visit?

While your skin is too sensitive and unprotected after the waxing session, try to avoid your favourite gym. 48 hours will be enough to completely recover and return to usual physical exercises. Sweat is salty and concentrated, so it can irritate skin.

Be emotionally relaxed.

No one is watching or judging your body. So, you shouldn’t worry about what others will think about you. Shape, hairiness, individual body features don’t matter at all. The more you are on nerves – the more painful and discomforting (physically and emotionally) will be the process. So, if you are new to waxing, relax and stay confident. Your body is unique and perfect, remember this.

Think about clothes.

Especially, this relates to our clients, who rush in without an appointment. It happens, that you have a free minute during your work hours and want to spend it usefully. But firstly you should think about what you are wearing at the moment. Tight jeans, routh cloth, strings and other types of leaning clothes are not appropriate for the wax session. You need to stay comfortable after the procedure, so the best choice is something plain and soft. Give preference to natural cotton materials. If you wear something tight on treated area you may get itching and irritation even before you get home.

Don’t inflate yourself.

Those, who are new to waxing often build up some myths about the procedure inside their head. But on practice everything is really not that thrilling. Men and women, who wax regularly can prove you that the most scary thing is to come at first time. If you face a professional waxologist, the whole process will be fast and really not as painful. Extra worries make you more sensitive and tensed. These will make your first appointment more unpleasant, which is definitely undesirable.

Stay dry.

Don’t come to your appointment sweating straightly from the gym. Extra water will make the procedure less effective. Hot wax will lose an ability to adhere normally from your wet skin. So, it won’t remove hair in a proper way. This also relates to taking a shower just before a waxing session. Of course, you should stay clean and tidy, but dryness is very important. Water will soften the hair body and it will break during waxing. our goal is to tear out as much hair as possible, so weak and soft ones will stay in body. Due to this our esthetician will need to make extra approaches. This means extra discomfort. 

Distract yourself in any possible way.

To feel easier and less nervous try to distract from the process. It can be anything that makes you relaxed. Professional waxologists always talk to clients during the session. Jokes and simple friendly conversations help to endear even untalkative visitors. But if you are a really shy or quiet person, just look through the magazine or take your favourite book with you. Music or movies from headphones are allowed too. Everything, which can relax you and distract from thrilling thoughts is appropriate. It is proven that you experience more pain if you wait for it and inflate yourself.

Yoga helps!

Flexibility is very important in case you are going to get a brazilian wax. If you are flexible enough then our esthetician can work faster. This means it will be less painful. Just stretch for a little at home before your appointment or do yoga in the special class. Such exercises help to improve your flexibility and even relax tense muscles (for yoga).

Schedule the right day of your period.

Women have changing level of sensibility on different days during their period. Try to count in prior and schedule the appointment on the appropriate day. Usually, the most unwanted time for waxing is during first three days of cycle and also three days before the menstruation. For really painful period you should definitely wait until its finish. 

Protect your skin after wax.

For the first 48 hours your skin is very sensitive and needs extra protection. Especially harmful during this post-period are straight sun rays. Waxing also works as a good peeling. It removes cornified layer and leaves your epidermis unprotected. Ultraviolet rays influence bare skin and cause inflammation or even burns. It is necessary to avoid any potentially harmful environments. Such as hot baths, saunas, pools, beaches.

Don’t forget about proper post-treatment.

In-time exfoliating after wax is very important. It helps to prevent an appearance of ingrown hair. You can start doing this regularly 3 days after the wax session. But don’t hurry and be careful: early exfoliating may irritate the harmed skin. Also, for the first few days post-wax avoid any creams or lotions, which contain alcohol or fragrance. 

Avoid alcohol.

It is not appropriate to come drunk to the waxologist even if you are too afraid of what is going to be done. Alcohol affects your sensibility and makes blood thinner. So, you will experience more pain. On the other hand, it influences everybody in individual way, so we can’t know for sure what to expect from drunk clients.

Stop shaving or trimming, if you wax regularly.

If you decide to get waxed every month, then you definitely should stop shaving. The main effect of hair amount reducing will be vanished if you distract the natural growth cycle. If you wait for several regular sessions then you will see fantastic changes in your body! Hair trunk becomes weaker and not as dark as before. It starts to grow more slowly and rarely. Only one shaving has an ability to break this process. So, you will come more hairy the next time.

Use the bathroom before your appointment.

When you are going to get a bikini wax, it is normal to use the restroom first. Full bladder may cause you great discomfort during the procedure, because the waxologist will treat that zone and press your bladder. While you are on the session and the esthetician has already applied wax, you won’t have an ability to go to the toilet. Extra nervousness may even increase natural needs, so don’t forget about visiting the restroom just before your appointment.

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