Multi-Peptide Fusion Ampoules (10 Ampoules: 5 Days + 5 Nights) ✰ Forever Young Christina

Multi-Peptide Fusion Ampoules (10 Ampoules: 5 Days + 5 Nights) ✰ Forever Young Christina


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Multi-Peptide Fusion Day Ampoules

These ampoules represent a new generation in age-defiance, ith amazing abilities to fill wrinkles from within. Enriching and reparative, the ampoules contain an innovative Anti-Wrinkle
Peptide that stimulates synthesis of the 6 major components of the skin matrix (collagen I, III, IV, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid and laminin 5). This combination smoothes skin from within, providing a lifting effect. Homeo-Age™, derived from algae and rich in vitamins and minerals, helps stimulate cellular growth and rejuvenate skin cells, decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With a noticeably high concentration of youth-promoting ingredients, the ampoules provide a protective and reparative barrier and combat environmental damage.


Multi-Peptide Fusion Night Ampoules

Sophisticated and highly effective with a ground-breaking delivery system, the ampoules rejuvenate and revitalize the skin, filling wrinkles from within for a delightfully firm and smooth complexion. A breakthrough in cosmetic science, anti-aging component TetraPeptide-26 (developed through advanced molecular biology research) induces natural DNA repair and increases the collagen presence in the skin and skin firmness. In conjunction with anti-aging peptides, Albizia Julibrissin plant extract combats the effects of glycation, refreshing the skin and assisting with diminishing wrinkles and visible signs of fatigue. The potent formula of these ampoules is especially effective at night when exposure to environmental damage is minimal.

Snap ampoule open at neck. Apply to thoroughly clean skin on both face and neck, using circular massage motions until serum is completely absorbed. Follow up with a suitable cream. It is
recommended that the treatment be used for a 5 day period, once every 3 months i.e. once a season.

Note: We recommend using the remainder of the ampoule serum on the back of your hands.

* It is important to use the whole product line in conjunction with the ampoules in order to ensure the best results, as the treatment plan is composed with each product building off of and
working in harmony with the others. Complement the use of Forever Young Multi- Peptide Fusion Ampoules with use of the other products for home use.


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