Anti-Cellulite Programs


Tired from undesirable dimpled skin surface on your thighs, abdomen or buttocks? You are not alone. Approximately 90 percent of women all over the world suffer from this beauty problem. Men don’t usually face orange peel on their bodies, because of hormonal and genetic differences. 

In our Tampa beauty center you can get all types of anti-cellulite programs. They are divided in effective complexes by our professional estheticians, so you can consult and find the best variant. First of all let’s find out more about cellulite and how to fight it.

What Is Cellulite?

The definition of cellulite has been known across the world since the 19th century. For all times people took it as natural process. But everything changed when the fashion on short clothes spread all over the world. In 1973 the owner of beauty salon Nikol Ronsar decided to find new customers.

She published an article into the popular Vogue magazine, where she told about cellulite and its terrific influence on our body. Of course, the text was hyperbolized and aimed as an advertizing. But women all over the world started looking for ways to get rid of cellulite, there are some good treatments which can help when you’re looking into this.

Gynoid lipodystrophy means structural changes in skin’s middle layer, which decrease blood flow and microcirculation in cells. That is why we get swellings in that body zones, which suffer from the lack of nourishing. Fat cells, toxins and liquid concentrate and stay in our connective tissue creating uneven dimpled skin surface.

Cellulite is a problem with a tendency to increase. Fatty deposits may grow and cover bigger areas if there is no proper treatment.

Lipodystrophy isn’t an illness, but an unattractive orange peel on your body may become a huge beauty problem. Nevertheless, we have a number of reasons, why it may appear. Mostly it is a multiple complex of factors, which include:

  • Hormonal changes;
  • Unhealthy diet;
  • Heredity;
  • Rapid weight loss or gain;
  • Not active lifestyle, ets.

There are also four main stages of problem: from soft cellulite (light swellings and liquid stagnation) to huge amount of hard dimples. Depending on a stage, the esthetician will advice, which treatment will be more effective.

Is It Possible to Reduce Cellulite?

Everything depends on the stage of problem. Sometimes it is easy to eliminate visible dimples on the skin even at home using scrubs and creams. Active ingredients influence the outer layer of your skin, increasing blood circulation. It can also improve skin color and condition. But such therapy isn’t effective enough for old cellulite.

To prevent an appearance of cottage cheese thighs and stop its progress in deep layers you should do the preventing therapy. Regular strength trainings, healthy diet, proper hydration can reduce fat clusters at their beginning. But what to do if the problem is old and annoying? In this case you should get a complex treatment to get the result. 

One of the most important parts is lymphatic drainage massage, which helps to remove toxins and extra liquid from the inside. Deep vacuum massage, hot wrapping and exfoliation are extremely useful. They influence cellulitic areas, making fresh oxygenated blood gets to cells and nourish them.

Our Anti-Cellulite Complexes

At Anna Esthetics you can get one of our programs done, depending on your desires, abilities and needs. We offer three unique customized options of procedures, which include different methods of treating to eliminate cellulite and improve skin texture. All of them assume the regularity of visits, normally two-three times a week during the month or longer.

Program #1

This is a basic 60 min session for cellulite treating. It includes high intensity manual massage and 30 min of vacuum massage or radiofrequency therapy. The last option depends on your individual health state and needs.

1 Session – 69$                         Complex 8 Sessions – 440$

Program #2

This is an extended 90 min complex. Basic 40 min of manual massage are boosted with hot anti-cellulite wrapping and coffee scrubbing.

1 Session – 89$                         Complex 8 Sessions – 570$

Program #3

This is a super 120 min session for complex cellulite treatment. Except massage we offer such procedures as coffee scrub exfoliation, hot anti-cellulite wrapping and 40 additional minutes of vacuum or RF therapy.

1 Session – 119$                        Complex 8 Sessions – 760$

Cellulite is a popular beauty problem, but it can be treated. It is possible to get rid of it or make it less visible. Our services can help you to rejuvenate and recover skin cells, normalise water balance in them and create perfect body contours. Forget about cellulite and stay healthy!

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