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Anna Esthetics is pleased to introduce you to Christina’s specialized skincare solutions addressing a wide range of skin conditions for qualified skin professionals and their customers worldwide, promoting clear, healthy and younger looking skin.

Christina develops specialized skincare solutions addressing a wide range of skin conditions for qualified skin professionals and their customers worldwide.

Christina assures an improved skin texture for various conditions including aging skin, hyperpigmentation, oily & combination, acne and acne damage.

Combining advanced science with powerful traditional botanical ingredients for optimal results…

Christina is committed to producing professional skincare solutions with dynamic combinations of traditional botanicals and scientifically advanced ingredients. Targeting deficient skin functions, our cosmeticians work with leading scientists to develop products that correct and heal complex and multifaceted skin conditions. Christina’s exact formulations have been extensively tested in Christina’s laboratory and are clinically proven to produce visible and measurable results safely and consistently.

User-friendly solutions designed for optimal effectiveness at each step of the treatment

Christina professional skincare solutions facilitate an ongoing process to treat and prevent skin conditions. The products are more effective because their active ingredients are scientifically able to penetrate the skin, and are provided in optimal quantities for best results. Christina achieves this without using harmful penetration enhancers commonly found in other salon treatments. Instead, Christina relies on scientifically advanced solutions, innovative mixtures and optimal levels of active ingredients combined with desired chemical reactions to increase penetration and efficacy without creating any undesired side effects.

All of Christina’s in-salon and home treatments are designed in user-friendly easy-to-follow step-by- step instructions.

BioPhyto line

The BioPhyto line of scientifically developed products provides customized solutions to multiple skin conditions caused by adverse internal and environmental factors.

BioPhyto – A Superior Level of Cellular


BioPhyto is where science meets nature to create products with unique qualities and outstanding results in lighting off damage done to the skin.

BioPhyto maximizes the properties of traditional ingredients combined with scientifically developed ones, leading to state-of-the-art products



BioPhyto products ensure a balanced cellular activity, securing energy recharging, detoxification, rehabilitation and revitalization. The skin’s natural defense systems are restored, strengthened and protected against further damage.

The skin will appear impressively radiant, vibrant and revitalized.

BioPhyto products enhance cellular performance by prompting essential processes.

The series main focus is on providing customized solutions to an array of adverse skin manifestations.

The BioPhyto is suitable for all skin types, and it addresses the following conditions:

  • hyperkeratinization
  • excess sebum
  • uneven tone
  • irritation
  • dullness
  • flakiness
  • blemishes
  • stress
  • toxins
  • discomfort

Any skin that was affected by endogenous factors or was exposed to prolonged smoking, medication, damaging environmental pollutants can be successfully restored to a healthier, more radiant and revitalized appearance.



Forever Young Line

Forever Young’s revitalizing treatment for face, neck, and dècolletè prevents the symptoms of aging skin by protecting internal skin structure and correcting external symptoms of aging skin. A combination of biopeptides, botanicals and antioxidants encourage cellular regeneration and skin cell repair. Forever Young slows the aging process by mimicking the characteristics of naturally occurring proteins found in young skin.

Comprehensive and long lasting, Forever Young salon and home use products deliver proven results that protect, rejuvenate and support overall healthy and youthful looking skin.

Forever Young immediate benefits:

  • Smoothes, firms and tightens skin
  • Increases skin hydration
  • Moisturizing formulas leave skin soft and glowing
  • Infuses vitamins and rejuvenates skin

Forever Young long-term benefits:

  • Increases skin hydration
  • Rebuilds cells
  • Promotes cell growth and differentiation
  • Thickens epidermis, increases granular layer, improves overall quality of skin

The Forever Young anti-aging formula utilizes powerful scientifically advanced micro- biomimetic polypeptides to fortify the skin’s natural repair functions, strengthen protection and rebuild tissue.

Skin-saving botanicals and other essential ingredients encourage cellular regeneration and correction such as proteins, sea-derived albumins, vitamins, minerals, oligo elements, antioxidants, tannins, moisturizing agents, fruit acids and herbal extracts.




Flawless skin whitening

High-performance brightening depigmenting approach designed to recapture the glowing luminosity of youthful skin and bring out a translucent radiance.
Acting on, controlling and down regulating all phases and expressions of melanin production, Illustrious treats skin discolorations and pigmentation caused by hormonal changes, post acne blemishes, environmental factors, UV exposure, and the natural process of ageing.
ILLUSTRIOUS leads to visible whitening from first application, revealing an illuminated, firmer, smoother, and even toned skin maintained over time through following a carefully designed
home care regimen.

# Suitable for all skin tones and types
# Unique lightweight formulas
# Broad spectrum SPF
# paraben free
# petrolatum free
# propylene glycol free
# SLS free
# silicone free (except for Absolute Bright)


Illustrious focuses on 4 pathways to depigmentation and whitening:
       1. Inhibition of tyrosinase. Tyrosinase suppression inhibits melanin production
Tyrosinase is a key enzyme which catalyzes melanin synthesis. Its suppression leads to the
development of melanogenesis inhibitors.
       2. Inhibition of melanin transfer. Melanin Transfer Inhibition – inhibiting keratinocyte–melanocyte interactions.
Pigmentation results in part from the transferof melanized melanosomes synthesized by
melanocytes to neighboring keratinocytes. Active Ingredients Whitening complex (hexylresorcinol,
caprylic, caproic and capric acids) a new generation of safe whitening compounds for
the reduction of pigmentation, based on resorcinol derivative and fatty acids.
       3. Absorption of melanin pigment.  Melanin Absorption – from upper skin layers. Active Ingredient:
Absorbing agent (aluminum silicate) absorbs and discharges excessive melanin.
In-vivo test shows an improvement in spot color after treatment with the absorbing agent.
       4. Degradation of melanin  – discoloration and reduced visibility of pigmentation. Active Ingredients
Carbon C oxide complex (ascorbic acid, sodium carbonate) based on Nahcolite mineral which contains
soft carbonate and pure vitamin C – acts as a brightening active by triggering oxygen supply to the cells and promoting better blood circulation. A unique system releases CO2 in-sito, to ensure
active vitamin C penetration for maximal activity. The lightening reaction occurs by inhibition of
tyrosinase synthesis, promoting immediate whitening.


Anti-Stress Facial – UNSTRESS

Take a break – you need it

      Unstress is a unique treatment that soothes and prevents stress-induced skin damages. Unstress utilizes clinically proven bioactive agents to provide DNA and cell membrane protection, reducing skin vulnerability caused by environmental and personal stresses. Unstress treats premature aging and brings the skin to its healthiest state, by boosting the body’s natural immune system and cell defense mechanisms. 

Stress damages our immune system and inhibits normal cell function. External and internal factors such
as sun exposure, pollution, smoking, hormonal imbalance and more damage the delicate balance of the
skin and break down the skin’s natural defenses. Skin becomes vulnerable to various dermatological
disorders, Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL), limited water holding capacity of the stratum corneum,
Collagen-depletion and Elastin loss. These disorders often cause uncomfortable skin irritation, itching
and inflammation, rosacea, excess sebum, sensitivity, dry-wrinkled skin, dull complexion and generally premature aging skin.

   Our Solution
Unstress treats skin by addressing the internal causes and external symptoms. High doses of corrective
agents boost the body’s natural immune system and cellular defense which reduces skin vulnerability.
Simultaneously, time advanced anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming agents provide relief from stress induced symptoms.
Unstress uses a comprehensive approach to prevent, treat and soothe stress-induced skin damages.
• Prevents premature skin aging
• Rejuvenates and soothes stressed skin
• Relieves skin irritation, itchiness and edema
• Improves skin texture
• Infuses the skin with powerful antioxidants
• Decreases UVA radiation damages from oxidative stress
• Improves DNA protection and strengthens skin immunity
• Rebuilds cell tissue and stimulates cellular regeneration
• Improves Collagen biosynthesis
• Replenishes natural skin hydration and moisture  

Anti-Stress Facial – $75,  Package of 3 – $169

Member Price: Anti-Stress Facial – $64, Package of 3 – $152


Natural Coral Peel – ROSE DE MER

Reveal a better you

Rose de Mer is a 100% natural professional peel designed to leave skin looking young and healthy inside-out. Featuring an innovative combination of marine plants, minerals, salts, vitamins and algae, Rose de Mer peels and resurfaces skin with minimal skin trauma. The Rose de Mer peeling solution brings visible improvement to a variety of skin conditions, and is suitable for a wide range of skin types and ages.

Younger, healthy skin layers regenerate every 21 to 28 days. This process is delayed or halted as we age
or if the skin is damaged. Excess skin layers block natural moisture production, trap bacteria and excess
melanin causing a range of dermatological complications.
Various peeling solutions over the past decades have presented significant challenges for cosmeticians
making it difficult to perform them in a safe and controlled method without undesirable side affects.




Safe and scientifically tested, Rose de Mer achieves effective peeling results with the most invasive chemical treatments.
Rose de Mer lifts the epidermis to promote easy shedding and removal of dead skin cells. The combined action of friction and marine silicates, micro-traumatize skin and prompt a natural rejuvenation process without causing side affects and controls peeling depth – unlike most chemical alternatives. As excess skin is removed, the skin naturally replenishes moistures levels, renews Collagen synthesis and improves overall epidermal structure.
Rose de Mer opens the skin to the optimal reception of active ingredients. It can be used to compliment
professional treatments that target specific skin conditions, such as acne, acne damage, hyperpigmentation and 5aging skin causing them to work faster more effectively and achieve longer-lasting results.

Rose de Mer provides skin resurfacing and rejuvenating:
• Creates a natural face lift appearance
• Diminishes wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks
• Improves skin texture, elasticity and tone evenness
• Heals acne and evens sebum
• Improves skin blood circulation and oxygen supply
• Lightens hyperpigmentation and acne scarring
• Eliminates surface residues including dead or damaged skin cells
• Brings skin to its optimal state for enhanced active ingredient penetration
• Repairs acne, evens sebum secretion and prevents comedones from reappearing.
• Reverses photo damage, solar and senile keratoses


Natural Coral Peel – $79

Member Price: Natural Coral Peel – $67

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