4 Hands Deluxe Facial with 2 Estheticians

At Anna Esthetics SPA we don’t believe in holding back when it comes to facial treatments, and that is why we are now offering a new Four Hands Facial Treatment. With the goal of achieving absolute relaxation while cleansing, detoxifying and revitalizing the skin, the Four Hands Facial uses two estheticians to get the job done.

About Four Hands Facial

This facial will use two estheticians; one esthetician will be performing the actual steps of the facial. Meanwhile, the other esthetician will be using hot towels wraps, doing scrubbing, massaging and performing paraffin treatment for the arms and feet.

This Facial Treatment includes:

1. Cleansing

2. Tone

3. Aroma Steaming

4. Exfoliation

5. Customized Mask

6. Face, Neck, Upper Chest Massage

7. Oxygen Infusion

8. Applying Serums, Eye Cream, Moisturizer

9. Sunblock


1. Hands&Feet Hot Towel Wrap

2. Hands&Feet Scrubbing

3. Hands&Feet Massage

4. Hands&Feet Paraffin Application and 25 min Treatment

5. Moisturizer


Why Four Hands

This dual sensations on the upper and lower body, when two practitioners are working in tandem in a methodical way, allows people fully sink into a relaxing state so that they can recharge and forget about their daily routine. This treatment provides a deep healing due the extra power of touch that it includes.

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